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Empower & Inform

Empower & Inform

Empower & Inform

1. Personalized health education materials tailored to the client's medical condition, preferences, and learning style.

2. Research and present various treatment options to clients and caregivers to empower active participation in treatment options.

3. Guidance and support to clients and caregivers in support of decision-making aligned with goals and values.

4. Facilitating discussions about end-of-life care preferences to empower decision-making about future medical care.

5. Health advocacy training to effectively navigate and empower advocacy for their needs and rights.

6. Assist clients and caregivers in accessing reliable information and resources online.

7. Provide resources and guidance on adopting a healthy lifestyle to empower taking control of their health and well-being.

8. Implement systems for regular monitoring of client progress to stay engaged in their care.

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