Guiding You Through Health Choices:
Empowering and Supporting Informed Decisions.

We offer strategies and guidance to help clients navigate complex health and medical solutions in a complex system while prioritizing
Client-centered care to support informed choices based
on their values and belief systems.

We also provide guidance & support to families facing challenging choices concerning the care of those they love.
Our specific services include:

  Care Coordination 


Support & Guidance through diagnosis, hospitalization, discharge, and care management

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Asking questions that need to be asked, then confirming client's concerns are heard.

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& Beyond

Anticipating transitions to different care levels to avoid stress and errors.

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Billing & Insurance

Reviewing bills for accuracy, and errors.

Confirm coverage of services.

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Substance Use Disorder
  Other     Disabilities

No idea where to start.
We do.

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Navigating Medical Care

Care planning. Coordinating care among physicians, specialists, providers,
and other services.

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Options & Outcomes

Support & guidance when transferring to a nursing home, assisted living, or rehabilitation center are needed.

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Optimal Aging


Life on your terms
in spite of your medical condition(s).

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End of Life   Planning


Reduce the risk of
a communication conflict between family members and health care providers. 

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Navigating Our Health & Medical Care Systems.
Self, family, and caregiver guidance & support.

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Services not provided:

Patient advocates serve in an information and facilitation role in health care. We empower patients/clients by providing background knowledge of the healthcare system, making them aware of their options, and feeling confident in voicing their care goals and choices. We do not make their decisions. We do not provide any clinical services. We do not provide patient transportation. 

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