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Explore our diverse range of healthcare services, including medical advocacy, wellness coaching, and personalized patient advocacy consulting. Let us help you navigate your healthcare journey with confidence and empowerment.

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We work with clients who desire assistance navigating complex medical & health situations, supporting their ability to make individual & well-informed decisions
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Patient advocates serve in an information and facilitation role in health care. We empower patients/clients by providing background knowledge of the healthcare system, making them aware of their options, and feeling confident in voicing their care goals and choices. We do not make their decisions. We do not provide any clinical services. We do not provide patient transportation.

Our Services Align with:

Trust: Patient Advocates of Southwest FL, LLC builds trust by providing personalized support and guidance, ensuring clients feel heard, respected, and confident in their healthcare decisions. Trust is the foundation of our relationship with each client, and we prioritize transparency, integrity, and confidentiality in all interactions.

Relationships: We foster strong, collaborative relationships with each client, built on empathy, compassion, and mutual respect. By taking the time to understand their unique needs, preferences, and goals, we develop meaningful connections that drive positive outcomes and long-term success.

Guide: As experienced healthcare advocates, we serve as a trusted guide, helping clients navigate the complexities of the healthcare system with confidence and clarity. Whether it's understanding treatment options, coordinating care, or advocating for their rights, we're by their side every step of the way.

Mentor: We mentor each client, sharing our expertise, knowledge, and insights to empower them to make informed decisions about their healthcare. Through personalized guidance and support, we help clients navigate challenges, overcome obstacles, and achieve their health and wellness goals.

Coach: We take on the role of coaches, empowering clients to take an active role in managing their health and navigating their healthcare journey. Through personalized coaching sessions, we provide motivation, encouragement, and accountability, helping each client develop the skills and confidence they need to advocate for themselves confidently and effectively.

Empower: Our mission is to empower clients to take control of their health and well-being. By providing personalized support, education, and resources, we empower clients to make informed decisions, advocate for their needs, and navigate the healthcare system with confidence and empowerment.

Advocate: Patient Advocates of Southwest FL, LLC serves as dedicated advocates for our clients, championing their rights, preferences, and best interests in all healthcare matters. We ensure clients have a voice in their care, advocating for personalized treatment plans, access to quality care, and respectful communication with healthcare providers.

Navigate: We specialize in healthcare navigation, helping clients navigate the complexities of the healthcare system with ease and confidence. From understanding medication to coordinating appointments and accessing resources, we guide clients through every aspect of their healthcare journey.

Guide and Support Healthcare Decisions: We provide personalized guidance and support to help clients make informed healthcare decisions that align with their values, preferences, and goals. Through collaborative discussions, education, and advocacy, we empower clients to navigate treatment options, understand risks and benefits, and make choices that are right for them.

Communicate (ensuring information flows freely in both directions): Communication is at the heart of our approach. We prioritize open, transparent communication with clients, ensuring information flows freely in both directions. We listen attentively to our clients' concerns, questions, and preferences, and we strive to communicate clearly, concisely, and effectively to make certain they have the information they need to make informed decisions about their health. Additionally, we facilitate communication between clients and healthcare providers, ensuring important information is conveyed accurately and comprehensively.



CarolAnne eluded strength, expertise and support for my family during an extremely challenging and uncertain time concerning my brother’s well-being. Her understanding of all facets of the healthcare industry helped get our voices heard and the hard questions answered. She advocated for our family with calmness and compassion; always prioritizing our wellbeing.

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