Best Outcomes and Speaking Up 

Medical Advocacy

* Facilitate communication between patient/client, providers, and family members
* Identify resources
* Research providers and facilities
* Explain diagnosis and treatment options
* Obtain medical records 
* Interact with healthcare professionals
* Prepare for appointments
* Attend appointments with client
* Summarize and translate highlights 
* Summarize medical records
* Facilitate consultations and medical communication
* Compile and reconcile medication list 

Bedside Advocacy

* Support patient/client in the ER, hospital or other facilities
     - Speak up about patient status
     - Speak up for alarms
     - Ongoing safety checks 
* Speak up for Plain Speak (facilitate communication between and among the patient/client, clinicians and family
* Advocate for appropriate care
* Explain diagnosis and treatment options
* Speak up to prevent infection
* Speak up to get the correct diagnosis
* Speak up for possible alternatives to surgery or other interventions

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