Meet CarolAnne

I am CarolAnne, and with 35 years of healthcare (nursing and administrative) experience, I know the ins and the outs - where the healthcare danger spots are and how to help clients avoid them. I also know where to get answers within our complex, fragmented health and medical care systems.

As a Board-Certified Patient Advocate (BCPA), I have the privilege of providing a safety net - sharing my knowledge and years of health care and system(s) experience to guide and support stressed, frightened, concerned, and frustrated clients and their families who find themselves thrust into our messy, frustrating, disordered and confusing health care system.

Informed decisions are at the heart of ensuring clients have the knowledge and understanding to make informed choices that align with their needs. “No” is never a settling point. We get results by guiding clients with knowledge and understanding of the healthcare system and equipping them to make informed decisions that align with their needs.

We are committed to helping clients make informed healthcare decisions with understanding; educate with knowledge and empower with action. Informed decisions are the heart of insuring you or, or your loved one, have the knowledge and understanding to make informed choices that align with your needs. 

We welcome all opportunities to connect with those seeking healthcare solutions, support, strategies, and guidance for themselves or those they love.

During an introductory call with me, I would like you to plan on discussing the concerns or challenges you are currently experiencing and your ideal outcome and goals. 

Why Patient Advocacy?

Today’s complex healthcare system is increasingly fragmented. A recent Harvard Business Review analysis found that 52% of patients in this country are not able to navigate the healthcare system’s complexity without help. Patients seeing multiple specialists scramble to keep track of treatment plans. Confusing medical bills and insurance coverage pose challenges to even the most informed patients.

We play a supporting role in easing the burden of the patient's experience. As private, professional patient advocates, we are skilled at navigating the system, bringing peace of mind to struggling clients who simply want the best and safest care for themselves or their loved ones. 

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